RAMRADE Grader Blade

Made in Italy, the RAMRADE Grader Blade is the perfect tool to grade onsite which traditional graders can’t access. The mounting hitch is welded onto the main frame to ensure easy pick up and durability of the blade.

  • 2,400 mm width blade
  • Proportional control valve
  • Levelling blade, hydraulic horizontal, left-to-right side shift
  • Universal skid steer pick-up


RAMRADE Grader Blade

Control System
The control system is optimised to operate using joystick controls, pushbuttons, 3 lever manipulators, and a radio remote control. First, the joystick provides precise movement with proportionate pressure for fine grading. Second, connecting an electrohydraulic control value to the host cockpit allows for a mixture of button and manipulator controls. Whereas the 3-lever manipulator differentiates from the last option since it has no pushbuttons. Finally, the radio command control system is an option provided when wires are likely to get damaged from installation through the door.

For more information on RAMRADE products, visit the RAMRADE Attachments website. Otherwise browse the available Skid Steer Attachments.


Additional information


RAMRADE Attachments

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Length: 2,280 mm
Overall Width: 2,898 mm
Overall Height: 1,389 mm
Blade Width: 2,400 mm
Weight: 700 kg


Max Blade Angle: +/- 34°
Max Blade Shift (left-to-right): +/- 405 mm
Max Blade Oscillation: +/- 35°

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