RAMRADE Multi-Grab Bucket

The RAMRADE Multi-Grab Buckets have been steadily improved over the years to be an industry leading excavator grab bucket on the market. The advanced design and heavy duty thumb, the multi-grab bucket allows for grabbing and moving objects in the full crowding range of the excavator. With a hydraulic thumb, you can take care of items with less movement on your part.

  • Removeable protection plates around the RAM
  • Fitted with an extra large hydraulic cylinder, ensuring maximum force output and grab strength
  • Specifically designed swing bearings for durability
  • Solid cast teeth with hard wear facing reduce any chance of breakage
  • Excellent crushing and holding pressure


RAMRADE Multi-Grab Bucket

The RAMRADE Multi-grab bucket excavator attachment is ideal for grabbing a multitude of materials in construction sites. The RAMRADE Multi-grab bucket excavator attachment is a highly durable, heavily constructed bucket with a hydraulic thumb for extra functionality.
This makes it ideal to pick up items and still move within the full crowding area of the excavator.

It features excellent crushing and holding pressure and can suit 2.5 to 50 tonne excavators. What’s more, hoses are available for connecting the attachment to the extra auxiliaries on the dipper arm. A highly versatile attachment for your excavator, pins are available if you have a quick coupler.
Also includes a high capacity ram with integrated check valve high-quality hydraulic components. Suits a wide range of popular excavator brands: Hitachi, Kobelco, and Kubota.


About RAMRADE Attachments

RAMRADE Attachments is a world-class supplier of high-quality attachments to suit your excavator, skid steer, and other earthmoving equipment. They are manufactured to exceed rigorous global standards, and utilizing the most advanced technology. What’s more, these attachments are extensively field and factory tested to produce an outstanding range that consistently delivers. Browse the RAMRADE range

All attachments come with the necessary pins, bolts, tools, washers, gauges, and hoses for D.I.Y setup and maintenance. Owners can be confident in their ability to complete their jobs on time backed by efficient attachments!

For reliable equipment to suit your new attachment, hire or buy from RAM Equipment to fulfil your construction equipment needs.



Additional information


RAMRADE Attachments


Pick-up Dimensions: 245-172-45 Weight: 299 kg Opening: 1,211 mm Capacity: 0.9 m3 Pressure: 1,565 – 2,134 kg/cm2


Pick-up Dimensions: 300-200-60/50 Weight: 438 kg Opening: 1,410 mm Capacity: 0.17 m3 Pressure: 1,565 – 2,276 kg/cm2


Pick-up Dimensions: 385-275-65-60 mm Weight: 864 kg Opening: 1,570 mm Capacity: 0.33 m3 Pressure: 1,565 – 2,276 kg/cm2


Pick-up Dimensions: 458-330-80 mm Weight: 1,419 kg Opening: 2,085 mm Capacity: 0.65 m3 Pressure: 2,134 – 2418 kg/cm2

MGB300 (1)

Pick-up Dimensions: 509-420-100/90 Weight: 2,003 kg Opening: 2,200 mm Capacity: 0.7 m3 Pressure: 2,276 – 2845 kg/cm2

MGB300 (2)

Pick-up Dimensions: 550-420-100/90 Weight: 2,008 kg Opening: 2,200 mm Capacity: 0.7 m3 Pressure: 2,276 – 2,845 kg/cm2

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